The 33 foot limousine "Tender 33" which is reportedly worth over 2 Billion dollars, is the world's most expensive car. This magnificent ride isn't only expensive because of it elegant looks, but it also has a lot of amazing mechanical functions customized into it.

This luxurious motor car and customized yacht includes comfortable seating for 12 passengers and two crew, climate-controlled cabin with optional galley and head, a lifting roof over the passenger section to aid in boarding and disembarking and a retractable roof over the cockpit.

Looking at this Luxurious craft, it's no surprise why it is the most expensive as it has the ability to move on both land and water. This is a wonderful package for those billionaires who enjoys purchasing yachts and expensive cars as it comes with both packages.

Cars that can do more than just run on roads were once considered as something that only existed in the movies, but nowadays we have cars that can travel in the air and on water, besides being functional on land, and the Tender limousine is one of such cars with many more to come in the future.