He said Nigeria did not abide by the set up management on Identity and sharing of information requirments assessed by performance metrics.
Nigeria has refused to make adequate sharing of security and matters pertaining to terrorism which is essential for public safety of the United State and the National security.
There is also the aknowledgement through the website (www.whitehouse.gov) that Nigeria could pose a high risk to the United on terrorism basis if unrestricted in the US. The rate of terrorism and the little effort of the Nigerian Government deduced as the cause of this assertion. And yet Nigeria is a country that has a good partnership with the US in the global tackle of terrorism.
The cause of the ban is predominantly because The department of state has given assistance to the Nigerian Nation in terms of modernising the management on borders capablities and the Government of Nigeria is aware of the significance of sharing information with the US. Read the statement below:
Nigeria is the only west African country given a sanction by the US Department of Home Security after an and update and reviewing of the methodology or performance metrics.
Other countries affected by the ban are , Myanmar, Tanzania, and Kyrgyzstan, Eritrea, Sudan.