Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the wedlock between a couple, Odunayo Akintayo and Sunday Akintayo.
Odunayo had dragged her husband to court alleging that he was irresponsible, a drunk and diabolic. She, therefore, prayed the court to end their marriage.

She also appealed to the court, if her prayer was answered, to grant her custody of the two children produced by their marriage in order that she might take good care of them.

The plaintiff in addition, pleaded with the court to restrain the defendant from coming to harass or fight her at her place of abode or work place.
Sunday refused to come to court after being served a court summon twice.

Odunayo,  while giving her evidence stated: ”My lord, my husband has turned himself into a nuisance at home and in our neighbourhood.

“He has completely abandoned his duty as breadwinner. He doesn’t provide the home with food and is not concerned about our children’s education.

“I work round the clock in order that the needs of the home are met but he feels unconcerned.
“Till date, he doesn’t know what classes our children are and how much they are paying as school fees because I’m the one shouldering all these responsibilities.”
She went on: ”All my husband knows to do is to drink and get drunk. He spends his income on alcohol.

“My lord, my husband can drink a barrel of beer in a day. After drinking and getting drunk, he will pull off his clothes, gather and put them on his head and stagger home naked, singing on top of his voice.

“He has turned himself into a laughing stock in our compound and neighbourhood. Both the young and old watch his shameful display.

“I move around our neighbourhood in shame because there’s none who hasn’t seen my husband’s nakedness.

“I reported him to his parents who counseled him but he refused to change. They further advised that we relocate to avoid further embarrassment in the neighbourhood.”

The plaintiff added “He’s diabolic in nature and will terminate my life if I stay a minute longer under his roof.

“He once cut my hair while I was sleeping and since then my hair has stopped growing. I’m almost going bald.

“He now steals my pants and uses them for ritual purpose. He rained curses on me when I confronted him and threatened to cast a spell on me.

“My lord, I’m no more interested in our marriage, please separate us.”

Having listened to the plaintiff, and considering the fact that the defendant refused to come to court after being served a court summon twice, which, according to the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, showed he was not ready to save his marriage, he dissolved their wedlock.
Odunade ordered the two children produced by their marriage to be in the care of the plaintiff while the defendant pays the sum of N12,000 monthly through the court for their upkeep and be responsible for their education and health service, among other needs.