Are you tired of how things are on your relationship?  Then consider these ten points to remedy it:

1. Avoid long and unnecessary arguments
There is always a limit to every argument. Know where to draw the line. Sometimes, you have to keep quiet and reason the whole thing that cause the argument. It will help you know where you are wrong or how best to tackle the issue without raising further arguments. Too many arguments brings too many conflicts and it's not healthy for a good relationship.
2. Avoid lingering dispute.

Don't linger disputes, it will generate other disputes and compound the whole issue. Try to resolve every issue on time before it metamorphos to a complex issue.
3. Avoid involving a third party.

It's not wise to involve a third party in your relationship. You might sometimes get a good counsel but most times, third party are the major cause of breakups.
4. Don't be selfish.

Avoid thinking solely on your own interest and satisfaction. You have to make sure you put your partner's interest and satisfaction in all you do. If your partner sees you as selfish, then they might be thinking twice about having a long term with you.

5. Avoid being too busy for your partner
Don't be too busy for your partner. Make out time and give them the best attention. If you do not make out time for your partner, definitely he or she might be getting the attention from other people and it's not healthy for your relationship if you want it to last.

6. Avoid going a day without communication.

Communication is the key to a good and healthy relationship. Make out time to chat, text or call your partner on daily basis. It helps bond the relationship. When there is lack of communication in a relationship, the relationship becomes vulnerable and weak.

7. Avoid being too Bossy
It's not a good thing to boss your partner around. Avoid being too Bossy to them. Don't command your man. Don't command your woman. There are better ways to let someone do your bidding without sounding commanding.

8. Avoid being too rigid and possessive.
It's good to protect what you love but being over protective will make your partner look like he/she is being caged. Let your partner have some space and freedom.

9. Avoid making your partner feel inferior
Don't make your partner feel he/she is not up to your standard or financial status. Make them feel comfortable around you.

10. Avoid multiple dating
Don't double date. Keep to one relationship and build on that. Be trustworthy. If your partner finds out you are double dating, you know it's definitely going to crush your relationship.